There is a dire need for the Gospel in Tanzania and Wells Branch Community Church is committed reaching the unreached people groups with the life changing reality of Jesus Christ. We will accomplish reaching the unreached by doing three things:


Planting Seeds

Modern agriculture /aquaponics

When Jesus did ministry he so often met people’s physical needs as a way to show he cared for them; this would lead to them listening to his message of Salvation. People would come from miles around to see the power of God. Families in Tanzania face starvation because of agricultural ignorance. They do not understand the concepts of crop rotation or modern irrigation techniques. We want the people of Tanzania to experience the power of God by teaching them to meet their own physical needs so that we might impart to them spiritual truths.

The people of rural Tanzania are supported almost completely through agriculture. One of the key factors in our work in Tanzania will be helping to bring modern agriculture to the farms. Teaching them crop rotation and irrigation can help change their lives. All of this will be taught through indigenous Christians. The people of Tanzania must not look to Americans for help, but rather to Christians in their own country. Many of the people cannot afford to own their own land, so they are without options for employment. This is where we desire the local church to be able to help.

One of the modern agricultural technics we will be teaching is Aquaponics. This is combing fish farming with agriculture. Aquaponics is a food production system based upon a method of recycling fish waste by feeding it to plants. The roots in turn, act as a filter to cleanse the water of fish waste.


Planting Churches

Evangelism and discipleship

The local church must be what the people in the villages turn to in times of need. They have to understand faith in Jesus is all they need, and God is the one who will provide for them. We will work with local Christian leaders who desire to pastor churches in unreached villages. Together we will move into a local village and establish a farm. The new pastor will work to help employ people within the village who are in need of work. This will begin to establish relationships and trust with the people. In time we will work together to plant a church. In these villages, no one has ever heard the name Jesus. They have no knowledge of his existence. Our desire is for them to understand we are there and giving our lives to help them because of our love of Jesus and what He did for us on the cross. Once a church is established and growing in Christ we will teach them they must have the same passion for their surrounding villages. We desire to plant churches that will have hearts for all unreached people, starting with all their surrounding villages that have no access to the gospel.

Planting Hope

Business and education ventures

One of the main reasons the villages stay in poverty is a mindset of “live for today”. They have never taken time to think about their future. Words like “save” or “invest” are foreign concepts. Because of this, we are eager to teach the people in the villages how to lift themselves out of poverty. The long-term stability of the Tanzanian people is the final piece of our plan. We will educate the people on how to save and invest as well as create opportunities to start businesses through micro-loans. When a village experiences both the life changing reality of Jesus Christ, and learn to support themselves, then they are able to reproduce communities.