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How To Be Married

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In a culture obsessed with the right proposal stories, and the perfect ceremony, we sometimes are ill-prepared to deal with the reality of two sinners becoming one. Everyone plans for the wedding, but few prepare for a lifetime together. Are Christians called to live out their marriages differently than the society they live in? What does the bible say about...

Easter 2017: Victory!

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There is a battle in our culture between the Easter Bunny and Jesus Christ. Easter Bunniology is based on three tenets. 1. You were made for treats. 2. The stronger, faster, and smarter you are the more treats you will get. 3. Creating key alliances and eliminating competition will get you more treats. This will ultimately leave you exhausted and...


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The Book of Ruth is most notable for the love story between Ruth and Boaz. In fact, single Christian ladies everywhere are in search of their "Boaz." However, the emphasis of the book is not on the love story between this couple, but rather God's unfailing love for his people. This is most clearly seen in the character that the...

Follow Me

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Jesus often told people, "Follow me." The immediate context may have lead to a party, as it did for Matthew, but ultimately this meant that that person gave up their life and put their full trust in fulfillment and joy in Jesus. Some have taken that to mean that "once I follow Jesus, I will be rich, famous, or have...

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