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Matthew's Passion 2018 Sermon Series

Matthew’s Passion

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Part 1: Affection January 21, 2018 - Chris Plekenpol. The word "passion" in modern culture usually refers to romance novels or adult entertainment. However, the word passion was originally defined as the suffering of Jesus Christ as he went to the cross. Starting in Matthew 26, Chris Plekenpol and Phill Kwon will guide WBCC through what it meant for Jesus...
Change Of Heart - 2018 Sermon Series - Logo

Change Of Heart

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Part 1: Repent December 31, 2017 - James Foster Culturally, the word "repentance" is seen as archaic and draconian. However, it was the leading message of John the Baptist when preparing the people for the Messiah. Repentance is a change of heart. The heart is malleable to the direction of God. Elder and church plant resident James Foster closes out...
Advent Christmas 2017 Logo

Advent 2017

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Part 1: A Promise Kept November 26, 2017 - Phill Kwon The genealogy of Christ in Matthew chapter 1 is one of the most overlooked passages in the New Testament, but it is incredibly important to discuss in the Advent season. This list of 42 names stands for a verifiable promise of God that was kept for generation after generation....
Love the Door Capital Campaign - Chris Praying

Love the Door

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Part 1: Psalm 87 October 08, 2017 - Chris Plekenpol Pastor Chris Plekenpol kicks off the Love the Door sermon series with a look at Psalm 87. Chris will show how God loves the door of the church and the people who walk through it, and how life-change happens when our church is accessible and visible. Love the Door is also the start...

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