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Follow Me

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Jesus often told people, "Follow me." The immediate context may have lead to a party, as it did for Matthew, but ultimately this meant that they person gave up their life and put their full trust in fulfillment and joy in Jesus. Some have taken that to mean that "once I follow Jesus, I will be rich, famous, or have...


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It’s the New Year. It’s the time when we reflect on where we have been and where we are going and we figure out what we need to change. We need to lose 10 lbs. We need to start exercising more. We need to spend more time with family and less time on social media. However, what happens for many...

Advent 2016

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Advent is a 5 week sermon series that covers the Gospel of Luke, recounting the arrival of the anointed one.  Fulfill Your Calling 12/18/2016 Chris Plekenpol continues our series centering on the season of advent in his sermon titled "Advent: Fulfill Your Calling" (Luke 1:57-80) ListenComing Soon Joy and Pain 12/11/2016 Phill Kwon continues our series centering on the season of advent...


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Margin is a 8 week sermon series that is partnered with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University's curriculum designed to help transform the way we think about our finances. Celebrate! 11/20/2016 Chris Plekenpol concludes our series on making "margin" in our lives with this week's sermon, titled "Margin - Celebrate!" ListenWatch Putting God to the Test 11/13/2016 Chris Plekenpol continues our series on...

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